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Welcome to Portland Prairie Texels!
We have been raising sheep since 1988 and added Texels from Paul Nelson in 1994. From the beginning, a low maintenance ewe with the body capacity to efficiently turn grass into lamb has been our goal. Our purebred Texel and crossbred ewe flock (managed as one unit of ~110 ewes) eats grass only from late April until mid December (ice and snow permitting). They then eat round bales of hay until shortly before lambing at the end of March or first of April. Lactating ewes will be fed whole shelled corn in addition to hay for the period between lambing and pasture turnout.

Our search for a terminal sire that fits well with a pasture based system and has a carcass that is second to none brought us to the Texel breed. Tender, flavorful, low fat meat is what lamb production should be all about and this is exactly what the Texel breed delivers.

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